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Professor Kang Wins Tsinghua China Law Review Award for Excellence in Research

ProfessorSang Yop Kang, a prominent scholar of corporate law and governance, was honored by Tsinghua University’s Law Review with the “Tsinghua China Law Award for Excellence in Academic Research of 2017”.  The award was made in recognition of Professor Kang’s article, The Independent Director System in China: Weakness, Dilemmas, and Potential Silver Linings, published in the current issue of the Tsinghua China Law Review (Volume 9, Issue 2 (2017)).  The editors of the Tsinghua China Law Review offered the following introduction to Professor Kang’s article:

In The Independent Director System in China: Weaknesses, Dilemmas, and Potential Silver Linings, Professor Sang Yop Kang … critically analyzes the weaknesses of the independent director system in China, especially under the pressure of controlling shareholder ownership. Nonetheless, Prof. Kang believes that the system brings positive effects to Chinese corporate economy and offers an ingenious perspective to consider the Confucian tradition as a worthy resource of a “truly pluralist theory”.

Professor Kang is the author of many leading articles related to corporate law and governance. He teaches courses on corporate governance from the global perspective, economic analysis of corporate law, corporate and financial markets, and East Asian economic structures in STL’s Juris Doctor curriculum.

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