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Professor Jin Delivers Lecture Series at University of Trento (Italy)

STL Professor Jin Zining, one of China’s leading scholars of administrative law, was invited by the University of Trento in Italy to deliver a series of six lectures focusing on the structure and major requirements of China’s administrative law system. The lectures are scheduled from April 10, 2016 through April 21, 2016.

Professor Jin is the author of many leading books and articles, including Administrative Law at Risk (2014), the first major scholarly work in China to analyze “risk” from the perspective of administrative law. As one reviewer noted, Professor Jin’s research on environmental risk regulation is “the most advanced in China.” Professor Jin has been an invited Visiting Research Fellow at Columbia University Law School and at the renowned Institutum Jurisprudentiae of the Academia Sinicia in Taipei. She teaches Chinese Administrative Law, Chinese Environmental Law, and Chinese Administrative Litigation Law in STL’s innovative J.M. program.

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