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Andrew Jensen Kerr

Assistant Professor of Law

  • Andrew Kerr is an Assistant Professor of Law at STL, where he teaches courses on substantive criminal law, federalism and law and culture. Prior to STL, Professor Kerr lectured at Georgetown Law, where he also earned his S.J.D. degree. Professor Kerr enjoys writing on a range of topics. He has published in generalist and subject-specific journals, most recently for the Vanderbilt Law Review En Banc, the Duke Journal of Constitutional Law and Public Policy, and the Washington University Jurisprudence Review. His article, “Void-for-Vagueness as a Legal Process Contradiction,” is forthcoming in the University of Louisville Law Review.

    Professor Kerr also holds a J.D. from Columbia and a B.A. from Wesleyan. He was a C.V. Starr Lecturer at STL from 2011-14.

    • Criminal Law

  • Selected Publications

    • Void-for-Vagueness as a Legal Process Contradiction, ___UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE LAW REVIEW___ (forthcoming).

    • The Use of Cultural Authority in Constitutional Argument, 74 VANDERBILT LAW REVIEW EN BANC 215 (2021)

    • Art Threats and First Amendment Disruption, 16 DUKE JOURNAL OF CONSTITUTIONAL LAW AND PUBLIC POLICY 173 (2021).

    • The Perfect Opinion, 12 WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY JURISPRUDENCE REVIEW 221 (2020).

    • Defining Meat and Contesting Tradition, 52 UC DAVIS LAW REVIEW 1999 (2019).

    • The Global Trade of Cloned Meat, 70 FLORIDA LAW REVIEW 169 (2018).

    • To Consider or to Use? Citation to Foreign Authority and Legal Aesthetics, 94 WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW 1369 (2017).

    • The Law According to the Most-Cited Law Review Articles of All Time, 20 GREEN BAG 2D 372 (2017).

    • Rap Exegesis: Interpreting the Rapper in an Internet Society, 7 COLUMBIA JOURNAL OF RACE AND LAW 341 (2017).

    • The Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Construction of a Syncretic Animal Welfare Norm, 27 DUKE ENVIRONMENTAL LAW & POLICY FORUM 155 (2016).

    • Writing about Nonpersons, 164 UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA LAW REVIEW ONLINE 77 (2016).

    • Facing the Firing Squad, 104 GEORGETOWN LAW JOURNAL ONLINE 74 (2015).

    • Meta-Stories and Missing Facts, 6 CALIFORNIA LAW REVIEW CIRCUIT 69 (2015).

    • S.J.D., Georgetown University Law Center

    • J.D., Columbia Law School

    • B.A., Wesleyan University

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