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Yuhao Wu

Assistant Professor of Law, Peking University Law School

Yuhao Wu’s research interests center on empirical legal study, criminal justice theory, and quantitative criminology. Yuhao Wu’s research is highly interdisciplinary. His recent work involves using statistical and computational methods to analyze court decisions and the functioning of the justice system. He is also interested in the broad idea of the place-based dimension of crime, with a focus on investigating how a sudden change in the environment affects crime. Some of his research has been published in several elite journals, such as Journal of Experimental Criminology, Crime, Law and Social Change, Asian Journal of Criminology, Global Law Review, Studies in Law and Business, and Peking University Law Journal.

Yuhao Wu received his Bachelor of Laws, a B.A. in economics and his first Ph.D. in criminal law from Peking University. He received his second Ph.D. in criminology from University of Pennsylvania. Before joining STL, He was a research scientist at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen Research Institute of Big Data.

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