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Xiaoxue Cai

Retired Senior Judge, the Supreme People's Court

Judge Cai, Xiaoxue is a retired senior judge of the Supreme People’s Court. He was a former Senior Judge of the First Grade and the Chief of the Third Collegial Tribunal of the Administrative Division, Supreme People’s Court. Judge Cai graduated from Anhui University Department of Law in 1983. During his service as a judge of the Supreme People’s Court from 1987 to 2014, his received various honors, including the nomination as a National Distinguished Judge in 2010, and National Expert of Adjudication, which are the two most valuable distinctions for Chinese judges.

Judge Cai took part in the drafting of most of the important Judicial Interpretations in the field of administrative law and administrative litigation law. He publishes extensively, including monographs, textbooks and more than 100 articles in law journals.

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