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Yi Li

Postdoctoral Researcher

  • LI Yi is mainly engaged in the research of constitutional property rights and Sino-German comparative constitutional law. She received her undergraduate degree from Minzu University of China, specializing in Law and English, and then obtained her master’s degree and doctor’s degree from China University of Political Science and Law, and has been visiting and researching in the University of Münster and University of Hamburg in Germany. She has published eight papers, one of which is a CLSCI source journal and two are CSSCI source journals. She has served as a student editor of Graduate Law in China University of Political Science and Law, and is now an editor of Journal of Legal Philosophy, Legal Methodology and Artificial Intelligence. She is able to use English and German for communication and research.

    • Article: 个人信用信息何以应由宪法保护?——一个权利论证的进路(Why Should Personal Credit Information Be Protected by the Constitution? --A Rights Argument Approach),in:人权(Human Rights), 2023,(2).

    • Article: 规制性征收概念与财产权的保障体系(The Concept of Regulatory Takings and the System of Guarantees of Property Right),in:法学家(The Jurist), 2022, (5).

    • Article as second author: 个人信息的宪法财产权保护(The Protection of Personal Information in the Context of Constitutional Property Right), in:江西财经大学学报(Journal of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics), 2021, (5).

    • Article as second author: 从实体到程序:德国联邦议院组织法的图景展开(From Substance to Procedure: The Unfolding Picture of the German Bundestag's Organic Law), in:法治社会(Law-Based Society), 2021, (4).

    • Article: 个人信用信息何以应由宪法保护?——一个制度论证的进路(Why Should Personal Credit Information be Protected by Constitutional Law? -- A Progression of an Institutional Argument), in:法大研究生(Journal of Postgraduate. CUPL), 2020, (2).

    • Article: 行政许可是宪法保护的财产权吗?——基于《宪法》第13条的教义学分析(Is Administrative License a Constitutional Property Right? -- A Doctrinal Analysis based on Article 13 of the Constitution), in:南海法学(The South China Sea Law Journal), 2018, 2(6).

    • Article translated from German into Chinese: 教义法与比较法学 (Dogmatic Law and Comparative law), in:法理:法哲学、法学方法论与人工智能 (Ratio Juris: Journal of Legal Philosophy, Legal Methodology and Artificial Intelligence), 2019, 5(2). Original: Hans Dölle, Rechtsdogmatik und Rechtsvergleichung, in: Rabels Zeitschrift für ausländisches und internationales Privatrecht, 1970, 34(3), S. 403-410.

    • Article translated from an unpublished article from Meinhard Schröder from English into Chinese: 公共执照和许可证的财产保护 (Public Licenses and Permits as Property), in: Xie Libin (ed.), 经济活动的法律保护:中欧比较(Legal protection of economic activities: a comparison between China and Europe), 中国政法大学出版社(China University of Political Science and Law Press), 2017,pp. 132-146.

  • LL.B., Minzu University of China

    LL.M., China University of Political Science and Law

    Ph.D., China University of Political Science and Law

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