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Professor Joy Xiang Presented at EU Conference on Global High-tech Standards

Per invitation,Professor Joy Xiangpresented at the conference organized by the Center for a Digital Society at European University Institute (EUI). EUI is an independent body of the European Union (EU). Founded in 1972 based on an international treaty, EUI currently has twenty-three EU member states as contracting states and is recognized as one of the leading research programs in Europe and the world.

The conference started with leaders and experts in standardization from the EU, the United Kingdom, the United States, as well as Professor Xiang discussing policy trends in global high-tech standards and the impact of major jurisdictions' policy measures on international standardization. Along with leading scholars, major standards owners and implementors, and representative practitioners, the conference participants also explored specific regulatory measures on the essentiality checks for standard essential patents (SEPs) and national courts’ indirect regulations of global SEP licensing practices.

Professor Xiang appreciates EUI colleagues for organizing a thoughtful forum for discussing key issues surrounding global high-tech standards and her colleagues and research assistants at PKU-STL for their helpful support. Professor Xiang currently researches standardization, e.g., its interactions with intellectual property laws, competition law, and contract law, and its impact on innovation, technology deployment, and competition and collaboration.

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