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Dr Stephen Minas & Colleagues Cited in Landmark IPCC Report

Several articles co-authored by STL Associate Professor Stephen Minas are cited in the latest landmarkreportfrom the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) which was released this week.

The IPCC brings together leading experts from the natural and social sciences to provide regular assessments to the world’s governments on the state of climate change and the global response to it. The report released this week covers mitigation of climate change.

On the topic of climate laws, the IPCC report cites two articles co-authored by Dr Minas:‘Climate Change and National Laws across Commonwealth Countries’, co-authored by Professor Eloise Scotford (University College London), Dr Minas and Professor Andrew Macintosh (Australian National University) in theCommonwealth Law Bulletin; and‘Probing the Hidden Depths of Climate Law: Analysing National Climate Change Legislation’, co-authored by Professor Scotford and Dr Minas in theReview of European, Comparative & International Environmental Law(RECIEL).

The report also cites the 2019 article‘Resilience through interlinkage: the Green Climate Fund and climate finance governance’, co-authored by Dr Megan Bowman (King’s College London) and Dr Minas inClimate Policyjournal, on the role of the GCF in supporting the Paris Agreement goals.

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