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Professor Asif H Qureshi Published a Monograph entitled The Americanisation of the World Trade Order

Professor Asif H Qureshi has published the monographThe Americanisation of the World Trade Order,a study that provides insights into the world trading order that is informed by power—in particular, the unidirectional norm imparting impact of US foreign trade law and practice on its trading partners and non-State actors.

According to Professor Qureshi, “This work is intended essentially as a focus on some of the challenges of accommodating the phenomenon of an economic superpower into a normative framework, for an international trading order the ownership of which rests with the international community. It is not intended as a litany of complaints about US foreign trade legislation as such. The purpose of the exercise is, however, to highlight some of the problematic aspects of US foreign trade legislation. The tenor and flavour of analysis herein is equally relevant and applicable to any other country/economic union that fits the bill.”

Commenting on the Monograph, Dr Francis Snyder, C.V. Starr Professor of Law at Peking University School of Transnational Law and Jean Monnet Chair ad personam observed: “As the world shifts away from the United States towards the Asia-Pacific region , there could be no better guide to US foreign trade law than Professor Dr. Asif Qureshi…This book offers a stimulating, critical perspective on US foreign trade law and is an important contribution to our knowledge of this subject and of international trade law in general.”

Professor Qureshi is a leading authority in Public International Law and International Economic Law, with decades of academic teaching, scholarly research and global consultancy expertise. Before joining STL, he was a tenured Professor at Korea University, Korea and University of Manchester, UK. He is a barrister attached to Quadrant Chambers in London, UK. He has acted as a consultant for various governments and international organizations and held numerous Visiting Professorships worldwide.

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