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Professor Thomas Man Co-edits Cross-Disciplinary Study on Law and History

Thomas Man, Professor from Practice, has publishedA Dialogue Between Law and History: Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Facts and Evidence(Springer, 2021), which he co-edited with Professors Baosheng Zhang and Jing Lin (both of China University of Political Science and Law).

The 19 articles in this book grew out of the papers presented at the Second International Conference on Facts and Evidence: A Dialogue between Law and History held at STL in November 2019. The conference brought together 20 legal historians and legal scholars from China, United States and across Europe to explore some issues of common interest in the role of fact and evidence in both disciplines. Historians and legal scholars have engaged in exchange of views on these matters before but rarely have concerted efforts been organized to consider these issues in face-to-face dialogue. Two prominent efforts stand out. One isEvidence and Inference in History and Law: Interdisciplinary Dialogues(2003), which focuses exclusively on comparison of history and law. An older and with a broader comparative perspective beyond law and history,Evidence and Inference: the Hayden Colloquium on Scientific Concept and Methodscontains half a dozen articles on fact-finding in history and law. The current book follows the intellectual footprints of this tradition and expands the related efforts to include Chinese scholars in this hereto exclusively Western academic and cultural undertaking.

Beside co-editing the book, Professor Man wrote with Baosheng Zhang the Preface to the book and contributed the articleHow We Get to Know What Aaron Burr Did: Ascertaining Past Facts in History and in Law(co-author Mengxuan Lu).

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