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Kuokseng Hong

Assistant Professor of Law

  • Kuokseng Hong’s research interests lie primarily in the areas of Chinese civil law (contract law, tort law), English and U.S. contract law, tort law and law of damages. He was Editor of Peking University Law Review from 2016 to 2018. He served as Assistant of the Case Exercises of Civil Law of Peking University from 2015 to 2020. Kuokseng Hong received his Bachelor degree from Nanjing University, LLM from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, J.M. and J.D. from School of Transnational Law of Peking University and Doctoral degree from Peking University.

    • Comparative Contract Law

    • Comparative Tort Law

    • Damages

    • Economic Analysis of Civil and Commercial Law

    • 《义务范围理论下证券服务机构过失虚假陈述赔偿责任》,《法学研究》2022年第5期(”Scope of duty and Securities Service Institutions’ responsibility for negligent misrepresentation in Chinese law”, Chinese Journal of Law,Vol.44, No.5, 2022.

    • 《论作为违约救济的获利交出》,《中外法学》2022年第5期(”Disgorgement for breach of contract”, Peking University Law Journal, Vol.34, No.5, 2022.)

    • 《论权益侵害与获利交出》,《环球法律评论》2022年第2期(”Disgorgement for infringe entitlement”, Global Law Review, Vol.44, No.2, 2022.)

    • 《论第三人行为与违反安全保障义务的责任承担》,《法学》2020年第9期(”On the third party’s behavior and the responsibility for violating the duty of safety protection”, Law Science, No.9, 2020.)

    • 《论使用他人代为履行安全保障义务之违反》,《法治研究》2022年第4期(“On hiring Independent Contractors to fulfill the duty of safety protection”, Research on Rule of Law, No.4,2020)

    • 《论消费者保护法上的履行欺诈》,《南大法学》2020年第3期(”On Fraud in Performance in Consumer Protection Law”, Nanjing University Law Journal, No.3,2020.)

    • Bachelor of Management, Nanjing University

    • LL.M., The Chinese University of Hong Kong

    • J.M. and J.D., Peking University School of Transnational Law

    • Ph.D., Peking University

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