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Yue Dai (Daisy)

Assistant Professor of Law at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

Area: Taxation, Data Protection Email:

Yue Dai (Daisy) is an Assistant Professor of Law at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, a senior academic visitor at Oxford University Faculty of Law (2018-2019), and a columnist at Tax Notes. She is licensed to practice law in China and New York. She has worked in big law firms as an external counsel and the U.S. federal district court. Her current research includes digital services tax, treaty disputes, data protection and sanction rules. She is a founding member at SUFE’s Common Law Program and teaches International Tax, US Torts, Commercial Law, and Negotiations in English.

Daisy earned J.D. from the University of Illinois, College of Law, and B.A. from the University of Virginia, double majored in Economics and Foreign Affairs. In 2016, she won first place in the Donald Alexander Tax Law Writing Competition organized by the U.S. Federal Bar Association.

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