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Peking University School of Transnational Law (STL), which was established in 2008, now has more than 1,000 graduates, many of whom serve in leadership positions in global law firms, multinational enterprises, international organizations and government; some have founded their own companies. Alongside STL’s dual degree common law Juris Doctor (JD)/Chinese law Juris Master (JM) program, STL offers an LLM program for lawyers and students with a first degree in law, taught entirely in English by our multinational faculty of scholars and practitioners.

STL’s LLM program is unique in China and the world. Combining common law and civil law traditions, with coursework that includes Chinese, US, comparative, international and transnational elements, STL’s LLM program provides students with an opportunity to work alongside students from all regions of China and the world. STL’s LLM graduates form part of a global network of thousands of distinguished Peking University graduates.

STL’s location in China and, in particular, Shenzhen, greatly contribute to the value of the LLM program. China, now the major trading partner for much of the world, and Shenzhen, China’s leading hub for innovation and internationalization, provide an exceptional environment for research and education across legal systems and with a transnational orientation.

We look forward to welcoming you to the STL community and the Peking University global network.

Mark Feldman

Interim Dean, Peking University School of Transnational Law