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Tuition and Costs

One of the many advantages of pursing an LLM degree at PKU STL, is the relatively low costs compared to similarly ranked universities elsewhere in the world. Our tuition for the entire two-year LLM program is 176,000 RMB. The cost of living is relatively low. For example, a single room in our new dormitories is 15,920 RMB for an entire year, and you can get a meal at one of the canteens on campus for 10-20 RMB. STL is committed to making the LLM program accessible for qualified candidates. Applicants are also encouraged to consider scholarships for which they are qualified. Below is an estimated annual budget, however, this can vary based on a students scholarships funding, lifestyle, travel, etc.




88,000 RMB


15,920 RMB

Living costs: food, transportation, books, incidentals, etc. (based on CGS estimate of 3,000 RMB per month)

36,000 RMB

Medical Insurance

800 RMB


140,270 RMB