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STL's 10th Anniversary

China’s State Council authorized the creation of China’s first common law Juris Doctor curriculum in 2007. The following year, Peking University School of Transnational Law (STL) was founded and admitted its first students. By ten years’ development, STL becomes the only law school in the world that combines an American-style Juris Doctor degree (J.D.) with a China law Juris Master degree (J.M.). STL provides an academically rigorous, bilingual four-year program of legal education that prepares students for the mixture of common law, civil law, and Chinese legal traditions increasingly characteristic of the global economy. Although STL is still young, with only seven graduating classes to date, it already has captured the attention of the world’s leading law firms, companies, government offices, NGOs and universities.

2018-2019 Academic Year marks STL’s 10th anniversary. We are celebrating the law school’s anniversary throughout the year with a series of lectures and events, which we will list here as they are scheduled.

May 20, Lecture, CHI Manjiao/Mark Feldman: ISDS Reform and China’s Possible Policy Options

May 20, Lecture, CHI Manjiao: China’s Foreign Investment Law: The Making, Merits and Murkiness

April 26, Lecture, WU Xiaofeng: Legal Issues and Public Policy on Physician – Patient Relationship

April 23, Lecture, Bjørnar Borvik: The European Approach to Legal Regulation of Hate Speech

April 15, Lecture, FU Yulin: Referee Thinking and Burden of Proof

April 13- 14, Alumni Weekend & PILF Auction

March 29, Lecture, LIANG Genlin: Principle of legality, Hierarchy and Individual Justice

March 23-27, the 9th Asian-Pacific M&A Moot Competition

March 16, Lecture, ZHANG Gu: Transfer and Migration

March 16, Lecture, ZHANG Gu: Legal Issues of Land in China

March 14, Lecture, Andrew Harding: Constitutionalism and Development: A Mismatch or A Dream-Team?

March 8, Lecture, CHEN Duanhong: Basic Law of Hong Kong and Macao

January 6, Lecture, LIU Yan: The Name and Nature of Big Asset Management

December 29, Lecture, ZHANG Gu: Finding and Applying Legal Norms: CHEN Ying V. LUO Ronggeng Case as a Case Study

December 17, Book Launch, Current Developments in Climate Change Law

December 17, Lecture, Peter Quayle: The Legal Challenges of Starting-Up a New Multilateral Development Bank: The Example of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

December 12, Lecture, Arthur B. Laby: Fiduciary Principles in Investment Advice

December 11, Lecture, JIN Haijun: US-China IP Dispute

December 2, Forum, Legal and Funding Issues for Successful Startups

December 2, Roundtable, Political Constitutionalism in Comparative Perspectives

December 1, Lecture, GAO Quanxi: Methodologies in Chinese Constitutional History Studies

November 30, Lecture, ZHU Weiguo: Digital Economy, Granular Society and Innovation of Governance Framework

November 28, Lecture, Frank Wu: Wong Kim Ark: The First Chinese American, and What His Case Means Today

November 23-24,  Conference, China, The United States and Comparative Law Today

November 22, Lecture, LIANG Zhiping: Legal Dilemma for Wildlife Protection