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The Forum of Markets and Regulation is a forum to discuss the issues about the markets (e.g., product markets, capital markets, financial markets, M&A markets, etc.) and the government’s regulation. The topics that the Forum’s projects will examine include, but are not limited to, the activities within these markets, the incentives and behavior of the market players (e.g., corporations, financial institutions, shareholders, creditors, suppliers, employees, and consumers), the competition/anti-competition issues within markets, the cooperation between markets and the government as well as the government’s regulatory issues and policymaking.

The Forum provides a venue for the debates on the traditional issues of business/economy as well as innovation, digital economy, the platform business, fintech, and the government as a market player (such as state-owned enterprises and public pension funds). In addition, the Forum also focuses on market and government failure. From the legal perspective, the Forum pays attention to not only traditional corporate law/capital market regulation but also other various law areas such as competition law (anti-trust), financial regulation, administrative law, constitutional law, etc. The Forum fosters and pursues interdisciplinary methodologies based on diverse subjects such as law, economics, finance, business, political science, statistics, and technology. In terms of the geographical scope, the Forum will conduct research on the related topics not only in China but also in other regions such as East Asia, the trans-pacific area, and Europe. To achieve its academic goals, the Forum will organize talks, seminars, workshops, and conferences.