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Faculty Scholarship

Professor Nitzan Shilon Presents in US and Europe on Recently Published Article

The article was originally published in August 2020 on the Columbia Law School blog on corporations and the capital markets.

“Factory Farming A Greater Pandemic Risk than Consumption of Exotic Animals”, Danny Friedmann

STL Assistant Professor Danny Friedmann publishes opinion essay in South China Morning Post about health risks associated with factory farms.

Professor Danny Friedmann Publishes Op-ed, Article and Editorial on Pandemic Prevention and Innovative ...

On the same topic Professor Friedmann authored an extensive article ‘Innovative Foods with Transparent Labels that Will Have the Next Pandemic for Breakfast’.

“Does the Strength of Investor Protection Laws Predict Capital Market Development?” Nitzan Shilon


“The Basis and Technology of Appraisal Case Analysis”, Huang Hui

The translated and edited article by Professor Huang Hui was originally published by the Journal of Law Application.

Professor Nitzan Shilon Presents His Current Working Paper in the US and Europe

The conferences are hosted by universities from the US and Europe and often engage multidisciplinary scholars from across the globe.

STL Professor Mark Feldman Invited to Deliver International Public Lecture on International Investment ...

In the talk, Professor Feldman outlined three distinctive geographic regions for investment treaty practice in the 2020s (Europe, the regional South, and the Pacific Rim) and discussed key characteristics associated with Pacific Rim investment treaty practice.

Oxford Handbook of Transnational Law Published with Chapters from STL Faculty

Dr. Minas observed: “A multi-year and truly transnational enterprise has come to fruition. This is a weighty volume in more ways than one and it will be a key resource for the study of transnational law for years to come.“

Professor Nitzan Shilon Guest on CII’s Podcast “The Voice of Corporate Governance”

In the episode, podcast host Jeff Mahoney interviewed professor Shilon about his recent research paper titled Pay for Destruction: The Executive Compensation Arrangements That Encourage Value-Decreasing Stock Buybacks.

Professor Thomas Man Co-edits Cross-Disciplinary Study on Law and History

Professor Man co-edited with Professors Baosheng Zhang and Jing Lin (both of China University of Political Science and Law).