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Program Structure

STL’s LL.M. program consists of at least three quarters of full-time study in residence and a second year for internships, continued study, or research projects at the student’s discretion. Although the degree is conferred at the end of two years, it is possible for residence to be completed after one. The curriculum is designed to emphasize skills and knowledge for the 21st Century: (i) transnational law and practice; (ii) cross-cultural competence; (iii) the ability to contend with the complex legal and factual issue characteristic of advanced economies based on technological innovation and global financial service; and (iv) the professional responsibilities of lawyers in these contexts. Specialized offerings in Chinese legal history and law enable students to acquire a deep understanding of the cultural traditions and modern developments of China today.

LL.M. graduates emerge from the program as lawyers uniquely equipped for leadership in today’s inter-connected world, with deep knowledge and understanding of Chinese and Western law and legal traditions and with the practical skills necessary for cross-cultural success. The curriculum is the most diverse and extensive English-language coursework in China with more than 70 English-language courses covering a wide range of subjects, from international and comparative law to American law to Chinese law; courses cover complex transnational business transactions and dispute resolution, and as well as China law, legal system and legal history. Mandarin language courses focusing on language needed in legal practice are also available. LL.M. graduates from PKU STL go on to distinguished careers in private sector, public sector, public interest legal work, and legal academia around the world.

To earn the LL.M. degree, candidates must:

(i) have been in residence for at least three full academic quarters;

(ii) earn a minimum of 36 credits (approximately 12 courses, one of which includes a substantial research paper/thesis on a topic of their choice).

LLM students can build a personalized curriculum that best fits their individual academic interests and career goals by selecting elective courses from STLs course concentration areas.


FAQ: Curriculum