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总务处办公室在H-201,H-202,下设两个服务中心,分别是校园物业服务中心:负责教学科研区,涵盖H、A、B、C、D、E、F、G、J栋、国法新楼及外围道路和绿化,镜湖,校友林。 校园生活服务中心:负责生活区,涵盖食堂、商铺、1、2、3、4、5号宿舍楼(网球场、运动场区域属于体育中心管辖范围)。



Property Services in the Teaching and Research Area

Which department provides services in the teaching and research area? How to contact them?
The teaching and research area is under the responsibility of Campus Property Service Center. The office is located at C107 and C109. The customer reception is located at C109. If you need, you can call desk phone number at 26035301 to contact them.

What departments does Campus Property Service Center have? What are their responsibilities?
The center has five departments, including Customer Service Department, Security Department, Engineering Department, Greening Landscape Department and Cleaning Department, to provide cleaning, plant caring, maintenance, order maintaining, classroom and fitness center management accordingly. Call the customer service number at 26035301 if you are not sure which department is responsible for the issue that you want to solve.

What are the working hours and work contents of the customer reception center?
The reception center is located at C109. Their working hours are 7:30-12:00, 13:30-17:30 on weekdays, desk phone number is 0755-26035301. It is responsible for answering calls, receiving visits and other services, such as cleaning glasses, lending umbrellas, “Love Coffee”, service for university town parking card application and renewal, lost and found, posting posters, lending stationery, pump and charger, giving access authorization, making appointment for office cleaning, conferences, coordinating events, placing and caring plants, killing pests, providing landline and room number inquiry service, sending and receiving letters.

How to book a classroom? When will the public classroom be open? Where can we study after class? How to apply to use International Conference Center?
Classroom reservation: staffs in charge of academic affairs or student associations need to log in to the portal’s comprehensive information management platform using their account to book online. After the Academic Affairs Office approves the application, the classroom administrators will open the classroom.

Classrooms will be open half an hour before a class. The self-study rooms are open from 8:00 to 24:00, and remain closed during statutory holidays. The opening hours during winter and summer holidays will be announced otherwise.

Self-study rooms: 1) classrooms in Building C; 2) Library in STL building and the public space on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors within the building. The specific arrangements and opening time are detailed in the bulletin board of the lobby.

Notice:Please do not occupy seats when you are not using them; please do not eat within the buildings, and keep tidy and clean.

International Conference Center: each school can call campus property service center (tel: 26005301) to apply to use the International Conference Center, and student associations can apply to Campus Property Service Center through Student Service office.

What is the phone number of campus security office? Is it possible to view surveillance video if something so happens that I need to view the surveillance video?
There issecurity staff on duty and patrol 24 hours a day on campus. The security office number is 2603 5305. If you find fire, theft or other dubious events, please call this number immediately.

If you want to view surveillance video, you have two ways to go: 1. through the police station; 2. fill in an application form at the property service center, which needs to be signed and approved by the manager of your school and by the director of Campus Service Office.

Where is the print shop? Is there a 24-hour self-service printer?
There is a print shop in Building D. Business hours: Monday to Thursday 8:30-21:00 (except special events), Friday 8:30-18:30, telephone: 0755-26032796.

There is another print shop in Dormitory Building No.2. Their business hours are 8:00-22:30, and the telephone number is 0755-26032989.

The 24-hour self-service printer is set up next to the machine that prints the transcripts in the hall of Building H. The operating procedures and fees are detailed on the notice board.

How do I know if I have a letter sent to me? How to send a letter?
Students receiving non-registered letters addressed to dorms will be notified to claim letters through email in the middle of the month. Studentsreceiving registered letters will be notified by SMS from the post office. The place to claim your letter is C-107. The claiming time is 8:00-12:00 and 13:30-17:30 on weekdays. The letter claiming time during winter and summer vacation is 9:00-12:00 and 14:00-17:00 on weekdays.

Letters addressed to your individual school will be distributed to mailboxes of each school and will be collected by students responsible for receiving letters.

Long-term unclaimed mails will be returned to the post office.

There is a green postbox on the wall outside C109. If you want to send letters, non-registered letters and postcards can be directly put into the green bucket. Registered letters need to be sent through Xili Post Office.

Services in the Living Area on Campus

Who provides the service in the living area on campus? How to contact them?
The campus living area is managed by the Campus Life Service Center. The office is located on the first floor of Building K. The working hours are from 8:00 to 12:00 and 13:30 to 17:30 on weekdays. The telephone number is 0755-26035317. They provide dormitories and reception rooms and assist University Town Management Office in supervising the work of canteens and shops and environmental sanitation in the living area.

Tips on Campus Life

Where to check in and check out? How to book a campus reception room?

PKU Campus Life Service Center at Building K, Tel: 26053317.

How to top up my campus card account?

You can use the transfer machine to recharge your account for meals, hot water and electricity bills. The first recharge for hot water of a new campus card has to be operated through the transfer machine. Afterwards, it can be operated on the quick-recharge machine installed in the lobby of Building No. 1 and Building No. 5. You can recharge 5 yuan for your account per operation.

How to check my electricity bill?

You can log in the website for inquiry.

How to purchase water dispenser and bottled water?

You can call 15338755315 to purchase water, or you can purchase water from other companies outside school.

Where to do my laundry?

There is a public laundry room on the first floor of each dorm building. You can use your campus card or one-yuan coins to operate the laundry machine. Washing costs 3 yuan per operation, and drying costs 1 yuan per operation. Each operation is 20 minutes long. You can pay for multiple operations consecutively.

Where to eat?

There are two cafeterias in the residential area of Yanyuan (No.1 Cafeteria and No.2 Cafeteria), there will be new restaurants in the dormitory area and we will update the information later.

Who should I turn to if there is a problem in the dishes?

You can always find two people responsible for the canteen there. The second canteen also has a food safety officer who specializes in handling problems, the one who wears red armband.

PKU Shenzhen Sports Guide

Our fitness center includes a gymnasium and courts for badminton, table tennis and billiards. They are only open to students from our Graduate School. Fitness center service counter is located at the entrance of the venues for badminton and table tennis at the southern part of Building G. You can make a reservation for badminton courts through the counter (you can also log into make reservations); you can also obtain a fitness center membership during 16:00-24:00 throughout the week. Membership application process: verifying campus card, registering basic information, paying money and getting access authorization.

Number Projects 地点: Open Time and Fees Notice
1. Gymnasium Dorm Building No.5 6:00-24:00¥30 for monthly membership;¥160 for half a year;¥300 for a year Membership is necessary for using the facilities.
2. Billiards In the gym The same as the gym
3. Badminton Courts 1st floor of the southern part of Building G Weekdays:16:00-24:00
¥4/hour for members
¥ 5/hour for non-members
Appointment is needed.
4 Table Tennis 1st floor of the southern part of Building G Weekdays:16:00-24:00
¥4/hour for members
¥ 5/hour for non-members

5. Tennis At the east part of the track and field Weekdays: 7:00-12:00,  14:00-22:00
Weekends: 8:00-12:30,14:00-22:00
One practice court and one standard court.
6 Volleyball At the east part of the track and field Open for free 24 hours a day
7. Track and Field Near Dorm Building No.1 Open for free 24 hours a day


Shenzhen University Town Sports Guide

The University Town Sports Center is located in the southeast corner of the University Town. It has sports facilities such as a stadium, a gymnasium, a swimming pool and outdoor tennis courts, basketball courts and volleyball courts.

Gymnasium: Table tennis tables, badminton courts, and so on, reservation number: 86101644.

Volleyball court and basketball court: 86101644.

Stadium: reservation phone 26619656.

Swimming pool and tennis court: reservation phone 26030304.

Feedback on facilities or other problems in the University Town Sports Center can be found in 26055177 (Chen).

Where can I get help if there is a problem in my dorm equipment and facilities?

(1) Repairs for air-conditioners must first go to PKU Campus Life Service Center for registration, and the center will make an appointment with the maintenance company.

(2) If the door lock fails to work, you need to register at PKU Campus Life Service Center. The staff will come to open the door, and you need to wait in your dorm room for maintenance staff to repair the door.

(3) For other facilities and equipment such as elevator failure, you can call property maintenancephone number at 26032915 (for dorm building No.1 and No.5), 26032975 (for dorm building No.2, No.3 and N0.4) at any time of the day.

What could I do if I am caught in unexpected emergencies during Campus Life Service’s off-work time?

During off-work hours, there will be student assistants waiting to help you. You can call 26057517 in the case of emergency. The student assistant’s time on duty is from 19:00 to 24:00 on weekdays and 9:00 to 12:00, 14:00 to 17:30, 19:00 to 24:00 during holidays.

What should I do if the alarm rings or a fire is on?

In the event of alarms or fire, you can call the University Town Guards through 26032948, which will be answered 24 hours a day. In the event of an emergency, you can still call theUniversity Town Guards through 26032948;you can also University Town Police Office through 26033812 or Tanglang Police Station at 26552833 for help.

Other Supportive Services

What items are provided by Campus Service Office, how to collect them, and how to settle them?

Office supplies, souvenirs like cultural shirts, cultural caps, pen-containers and so on, are currently available, and the number and types of gifts will be updated from time to time. All units can go to H-202 for selection. At the end of the semester, Campus Service Office will contact the responsible person of each school to settle the expenses. For details, please consult 26035699. Students and tourists can also go to the supermarket in the living area to buy them.

How to install and relocate a landline?

Please send an email to with the type of your business, room number, contact person, and contact number in the email, and wait for the telecom staff to do the work. For details, please consult 26035699.

What could I do if my officephone has problems, for example, having irritating noise or failure to dial or receive calls?

If it is not your phone that caused the problem, please contact Telecom Customer Service at 10000.

How to book a meeting room?

The conference rooms H-214 and H-105 of the Institute can be used after registration at H-202 or by calling 26035699. Due to the tight resources of the conference room, it is currently not open to students.

How do faculty and staff apply for printing business cards?

Please send the e-format of your business cards to For details, please call 26035699.

How can faculty and staff apply for a transportation service for non-private purposes?

Please send an email to at least one day in advance to apply, with the information of time, the number of passengers and destination in the email.

Under what circumstances the fixed assets are required to be accounted?

The fixed assets need to be entered into account when the unit price of office supplies reaches 1,000 yuan and higher, or 1,500 yuan or higher for articles in the laboratories. For more details, please call 26033653.

How to account, scrap or change the fixes assets?

Please log in the portal of Campus Service Office, download the corresponding form, you need to hand it to the fixed asset managerafter the relevant person in charge signs it.The fixed asset manager’s office address is H-202, please consult 26033653 for details.

How to check fixed assets?

You can contact each working unit’s fixed assets administrator or our graduate school’s fixed assets manager.

How to deal with fixed assets that are damaged or lost; how to lend fixed assets or transfer idle fixed assets?

Please log in to Campus Service Center’s portal to view relevant documents, or contact our graduate school’s fixed assets administrator, contact number 26033653.