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Nitzan Shilon


“When it comes to monitoring people who manage other people’s money or other resources, agency theory highlights one simple fact: that nothing – not (i) state-of-the-art markets, financial incentives, and corporate governance mechanisms; nor (ii) comprehensive regulation and effective monitoring by governmental agencies; nor (iii) relentless and ruthless media and public sentiment – can perfectly substitute for simple human integrity.”

  • Nitzan Shilon教授的研究领域是公司与金融法,侧重于高管薪酬、公司控制以及公司金融方面的最新发展。接受过法学和金融学教育的Shilon教授在哈佛大学法学院获得LL.M.学位和S.J.D.学位,并在特拉维夫大学经济学院获得学士学位和硕士学位。 在哈佛大学法学院就读期间,他曾获得法与经济学领域的John M. Olin法学写作奖、法与经济学J Terence M.奖学金、Byse奖学金,以及富布赖特奖学金。他还曾执教于哈佛大学法学院、哈佛大学商学院和哈佛学院。此外,他还曾任职于纽约和以色列的顶尖律所,从事公司法律业务。

      • 企业组织法(Business Associations)

      • 公司金融

      • 公司治理

      • 证券法


      • Nitzan Shilon and Yueh-Ping Yang, ESG in the US vs. China: Contrasting Concepts, Applications, and Enforcement Mechanisms (working paper).

      • Nitzan Shilon and Shlomi Shuv, Regulation by Market Emulation: Reforming Shareholder Distribution Rules (working paper).

      • Gili Bartura and Nitzan Shilon, What Should Matter for Investor Protection: Legal Rules vs. Market Standards (working paper).

      • Nitzan Shilon, The Stock Buybacks that Enrich Corporate Executives and Create Systemic Risk (working paper).

        o Featured in the Columbia Law School Blue Sky Blog on Corporations and the Capital Markets.

      • Nitzan Shilon, Markets vs. Regulation: Investor Protection in the U.S. Compared to Israel, in: Cambridge Handbook on Investor Protection (Arthur Laby ed., 2021), (Cambridge University Press).

        o Featured in the Columbia Law School Blue Sky Blog on Corporations and the Capital Markets.

      • Nitzan Shilon, Stock Buyback Ability to Enhance CEO Compensation: Theory, Evidence, and Policy Implications, 25 LEWIS & CLARK L. REV. 303 (2021).

      • Nitzan Shilon, AGENDA (a Financial Times’ boardroom resource), The Pay Incentives that Failed Boeing’s CEO, (Feb. 3, 2020).

      • Nitzan Shilon, Replacing Executive Equity Compensation: The Case for Cash for Long-Term Performance, 43(1) DEL. J. COR. L. 1 (2018).

      • Nitzan Shilon, Putting Directors’ Money Where Their Mouths Are: A New Approach to Improving Corporate Takeover Dynamics, 2017 COLUM. BUS. L. REV. 511 (2017).

        o Featured in the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation.

        o Discussed in: James Saft, Boards Should Put Money Where Their Mouths Are in Hostile Offers, REUTERS (Sep. 14, 2016).

      • Nitzan Shilon, CEO Stock Ownership Policies – Rhetoric and Reality, 90 (1) IND. L.J. 353 (2015).

        o Featured in the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation.

        o Discussed in: Quentin Fottrell, Ten Things CEOs Won’t Tell You, WALL. ST. J. MARKET WATCH (May 12, 2014).

        o Discussed in: Pradnya Joshi, Golden Parachutes Are Still Very Much in Style, N.Y. TIMES (June 29, 2013).

      • Jesse M. Fried and Nitzan Shilon, Excess-Pay Clawbacks, 36 J. CORP. L. 722 (2011).

      • Nitzan Shilon, The Lack of Age Diversity in S&P 500 Firms: Causes, Consequences, and Potential Remedies (preliminary draft).


      • Annual Conference of the Canadian Law and Economics Association (September 2012, September 2013, May 2015, September 2016, September 2017, September 2019, October 2022).

      • Annual Conference of the European Law and Economics Association (September 2012, September 2014, September 2016, September 2020, September 2021).

      • Annual Conference of the German Law and Economics Association (July 2021).

      • Annual Conference of the Israeli Private Law Association (June 2021).

      • The Wharton Financial Regulation Conference (April 2021).

      • Annual Conference of the American Law and Economics Association (May 2015; August 2020 (via digital distribution)).

      • Annual Conference of the National Business Law Scholars (June 2018, June 2020, June 2021).

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      • Freie Universitat Berlin (January 2020).

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      • Harvard Law School (Faculty Workshop, November 2013).


      • Bank Hapoalim Executives Should Not Get a Windfall – They Must Return Their Bonuses, Op-Ed, The Marker (a Hebrew-language daily business newspaper published by the Haaretz group in Israel)(November 22, 2022).

      • Special Litigation Committees, Interview with Liel Kyzer, Reshet Bet (a major radio station in Israel)(February 14, 2022).

      • Bank Executives Should Return the Bonuses They Received for Criminal Activity, Interview with Efrat Neuman, The Marker (February 13, 2022).

      • Executive Compensation and Stock Buybacks, Interview with Jeff Mahoney, The Council of Institutional Investors’ Podcast “The Voice of Corporate Governance” (May 6, 2021).

      • Annual Conference of Israel’s Institutional Investors (September 2016; October 2020).

      • Harvard Law School (Law and Economics Seminar, April 2012; Current Issues in Executive Compensation and Corporate Governance Seminar, May 2010).

      • LL.M.,S.J.D.,哈佛大学法学院

      • B.A.,M.A.,,特拉维夫大学经济学院

      • LL.B.,特拉维夫大学法学院

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